Want to launch a new Shopify store? If you are looking for the most convenient and most affordable way to set up shop online and start selling your products and services right away, then Shopify may be your best bet.

Shopify has experienced record-breaking growth in just the last few years. Currently, there are over 1 million businesses that use Shopify, which spans 175 different countries. They have collectively contributed $319 billion in “global economic impact.”

A Step-By-Step Checklist To Starting A New Shopify Store

If you’re ready to open a shop in one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, then follow these steps as a general guide to create your online store in a matter of minutes.

  • Sign Up For A Domain Name And A Shopify Account

In order to launch your business, you need a name that would help you stand out in a crowded market. You then sign up for a Shopify account by going to Shopify and then navigating to “Start Free Trial”. You then enter your email address and a password. Make sure you use your store name as your domain name.

  • Create Your Shopify Logo

Come up with a logo design that reflects your brand’s identity. You can use Shopify’s in-house logo maker, Hatchful.

  • Add Your Products And Pricing

Take time to organize all your products, complete with detailed descriptions, and their images before you upload them to your store. Trying to organize them after the fact tends to be more tedious.

When it comes to price, you would simply go to your Shopify settings, then:

  • “Shopify Admin”, then go to “Products”, then “All Products”.
  • Then select “Add Product”. Here you would enter the product details.
  • You would then scroll down to the pricing section and enter your sale price. 
  • Finally, click “Save”. At this point, you can also check the box if you want your product to be either tax inclusive or exclusive. 
  • Write Your Product Description

Writing a detailed product description to entice online shoppers to buy is crucial. Here’s how to add descriptions:

  • Go to “Products”, then “All Products”
  • Under the “Add Product” section, add both the product and a description.
  • It is best to use bullet points for quick scanning
  • Use keywords to optimize this prescription
  • Add Images For Your Product

It has been proven that great images translate into higher conversions, so high-quality images are key. Here’s how to add photos to your products:

  • Go to “Products”, then “All Products”
  • Under the section called “Media”, click on “Add File” to upload images.
  • Set Up Shipping Information

You can set your default in the Shopify settings for free shipping. Simply do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”, then “Shipping”, and finally “General Shipping Settings”
  • Click on “Create Shipping Zone”, here you will enter the zone name, and then choose “the rest of the world”. 
  • Once the shipping zone has been created, it’s time to specify the rate of shipping. You will then click on “Add rate” and specify the price. If you have indicated free shipping prior, then the price is free. 
  • Set Up An Information Page

All stores are required to have an information page or legal page. Simply go to “Settings” and click on “Legal”.

The list of legal pages that must be created include:

  • A Refund Policy
  • A Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Shipping Policy
  • Remove Your Password Protection

As a default, all stores are password-protected, simply remove the password and open up your store for your customers to come in and shop. That’s it!

Open For Business

The aforementioned steps are just a general guideline in helping you launch your e-Commerce store. Shopify has a wealth of information to optimize your page and to promote your newly-launched venture. 

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